Our ingredients are exclusively from small, organic farms with products of quality and cleanness. All our suppliers farm in a sustainable way, most of them have organic certificate. The origin of ingredients of our products are all labeled so that you know what you are eating. What is more, you can even visit our farms personally. In addition, no artificial preservatives, additives or food colouring are used throughout the process of our ingredients.

Biodegradable packaging of our products ad the usage of cargo bikes for delivery make our concept complete.


In 2016, Házikó received the DELFIN-Award from Telekom Hungary for our conscious and sustainable activities aiming at rebuilding the healthy relationship between the city and the countryside.



In 2016, Házikó was awarded as an enterprise driven by social purpose with the FILFest Social Enterprise Award within the framework of FAB-Move project supported by the European Commission. The award is given to initiatives which serve as a great showcase by presenting how companies with social and environmental purposes can grow and flourish.