Look Around, Taste & Enjoy!

Seasonal vegetables straight from the farm. Homemade dressings with the taste of the countryside. Leavened sandwhiches from our bakery. Cheese and meat from happy animals. Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure: in HÁZIKÓ, you won’t meet any chemicals or artificial additives. Just pure and real taste, with a touch of sunshine, a drop of rain, a soft breeze, and the care and love we make our products with.

If you long for an energizing breakfast, a coffee break, a healthy lunch or an elegant reception, you are in the right place at the right time.

For your event - see catering! To your office - ask for drop-off catering! See you in Buda or Pest - Farmbistro

About Házikó

Bakers: ready to experiment. Cooks: have fantastic ideas which manifest in delicious products. Chef: a great multitasker and efficient leader of staff. Farm-visitors: happy to talk with our farmers day after day. Catering organizers: eager to present a carefully designed table full of delicious, always seasonal and extra-healthy, real food. Bistro-staff: wants to impress guests with the best coffee and freshly prepared desserts. Rural development team: brings the very best of the countryside to you – from farm to table.



HÁZIKÓ & Farmbistro

Need a place for a quick lunch? A great location to meet friends?  A good spot to work? The answer is Farmbistro. Anything our farmers bring us is processed into delicious food in our manufacture. Beside catering and delivery, HÁZIKÓ-products are available in our two Farmbistros as well. Fresh, organic and rural is the new gastro-trend. Come and be our guest in Dembinszky str. 32. (Pest) and in Bartók Béla str. 34. (Buda, MagNet Bank).

What is Házikó?