Ordering conditions

What is the latest I can order from Házikó?

The below deadlines are necessary as our ingredients are seasonal and their acquisition requires much circumspection. Small-scale farmers, family-rum farms are supplying is, therefore to be able to work with their delicious produce and place fresh food in front of you needs cautions planning.

In case of drop-off catering (meaning food and drinks delivered without service and staff), sending your request, modification or cancellation of an order is possible up to 11 am 2 workdays prior to delivery. This can be done by completing the order form on the website and sending it to us. In case of a larger order (for 150.000 Ft), the same deadlines are modified for 3 working days. During July and August, we deliver from Monday til Saturday!

In case of full catering service, when table-laying, staff and service is also required besides food and drinks, ask for our offer as early as possible. The latest we can accept you inquiry is 8 workdays prior to the event; contacting us and discussing the details is even better tostart earlier. Our offer should be finalized latest 5 workdays prior to the event. (If you have shorter time ahead, ring us tosee if we can still accept your order!) Offers are compiled individually based on your, thus they are valid only for the given date and number of persons, and is without obligation until the offer is accepted from both sides.

How may I cancel my order?

We would be very sad, but if you wish to cancel your order before the time limit or before the catering offer has been accepted, you can do it any time per e-mail. However, if the deadline is passed, Házikó maintain the right to bill 50% of the accepted order as a non-performance penalty. Similarly, if the value of the order is reduced after the finalization of the order, we maintain the right to bill the difference of value.

How can I pay and how will I receive my bill?

We normally prepare an electronic invoice and send it per e-mail – listed the items in case of drop-off catering or billing „Food, drinks and service” in case of a catered event. Should you need the invoice per post or should any other information detailed on it, please le tus know in advance! Payment is possible by cash upon delivery or transfer and soon payment with credit card will also be smooth.(Let us know if you can only pay by card, thank you!)

What is the selection of sandwich ingredients, toppings, salads to choose from?

Our sandwiches and salads are varied and are prepared with ingredients customized to follow what the seasons can offer, therefore there is no permanent list with all available sandwiches and salads. Our seasonal selection of taste can be found on our site drop-off catering. Vegetarian, vegan sandwiches and sandwiches with meat can also be prepared, do tell us what your preference is.

Why can’t I order just 1 or 2 pieces of sandwiches?

As we cannot make such small portions of anything in our manufactury, we need to define minimum ordered quantities. Since we make all of our food fresh, we rarely can rally different orders. In order to keep high quality and freshness, we kindly ask you to respect the minimum quantities on our price list! (Of course when we can, we are happy to be flexible.) For smaller quantities, please visit one of our Farmbistros!

What sort of products are offered to cater for special diets and dietary needs?

We are ready to provide vegetarian, vegan and lactose-free sandwiches, salads and soups, even certain pastries. As our workshop uses traditional plain white flour and whole-wheat flour, we cannot guarantee that our meals are fully gluten-free. Naturally we aim to find a solution to meet your needs; should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

What is charged for deliveries?

A 4.000 HUF delivery fee is added to all orders under 40.000 HUF. In case of orders over 40.000 HUF, no delivery fee is charged.

Where can I find information about the ingredients?

Feel free to ask us when ordering, and once you get your order, all ingredients will be displayed on the label. We are proud that we use ingredients of outstanding quality only and no artificial additives. Where our ingredients come from is no secret, thus labels not only include information on the product, but also gives you details concerning the farm ingredients originate from. In this way we aim to provide full transparency and an easy-to-trace method.

All our foods are supplied with Hungarian labels, however, if you opt for English language labels, please indicate on the online order form in case of deliveries, and in case of catering please indicate your language preference when asking for the offer.

What sort of packaging are products wrapped in when delivered?

Our products are delivered in environmentally friendly – recycled and biodegradable – packaging, meaning paper boxes or PLA containers. PLA containers look like plastic, but due to their biodegradability the material softens upon heating. Therefore it is advised that you put the food into another vessel before heating.

What sort of serving do you work with when catering?

Uniquely environmentally friendly – recycled and biodegradable – materials are used when serving. Practical paper boxes, high-standard plates, servig dishes, sandwiches cards, napkins, biodegradable PLA cups and cutlery are used when catering. If you prefer porcelain or glass instead of bidegradable materials, this is naturally an option to choose also, please inform us about your needs in advance. Should you need plates, cutlery or cups/glasses when ordering delivery, please indicate on the order form and they will arrive upon delivery.

Házikó’s catering service also includes information leaflets, displays and boards about our farmers and ingredients, thus participants of the event are also properly informed about our concept. In case you prefer not to have set these at the event, please let us know and we will prepare accordingly!


Thank you for choosing Házikó. We hope you will be satisfied with our products and services.

Do you have further questions?

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